I have been directly involved with Zehava Gal’s work at WCC. From the outset, she stood out as an inquisitive, exceptionally bright individual who has a unique gift for teaching voice.

Ms. Gal is an impeccable mannered, responsible and conscientious individual. I have been directly involved with her work at WCC. From the outset, she stood out as an inquisitive, exceptionally bright individual who has a unique gift for teaching voice. She is a talented singer who utilize her gift with creativity and intelligence and a great technical mastery. Zehava has a good deal of experience in various fields, which gives her a scope of knowledge that is unique. her musicianship and musicality and artistry were always evident in her career as a singer. Her language and communication skills are excellent and she is an effective scholar. She demonstrate a desire to explore and expand her creativity in all of her work.

In my work with this gifted individual, I have come to rely on her unique abilities on numerous occasions. Zehava and I have an "open door" policy which has been of a great benefit to us both. In this interdisciplinary venture, I have come to recognize another exciting dimension of Zehava’s repertoire of talents. She is a fine teacher of teachers.  I value her incisive comments, exploratory pursuit of new ways of doing things, and innovative thinking.  I believe that Zehava's maturity and natural intuition, coupled with her motivation to problem solve and educate, yields super results. 

(Dr. Christopher Arneson, DMA, WCC, Princeton, NJ)


What is most impressive about Zehava’s teaching is the wide breath of musicianship and knowledge base she brings to this art form. Having been trained both in Europe and the United States, she brings to her teaching superb linguistic skills, excellent keyboard training, as well as a holistic and unique technical vocabulary. Her own international career is also an asset to her students, who receive through her training a commingling of technical, musical and dramatic guidance.

Zehava instills in her students a love of process as well as intense spirit and work ethics. I have witness her teaching at every level, from the sheer nuts-and-bolts voice building of an undergraduate to the high level, more artistically minded coaching of graduate students. I am honored to have her as a colleague.

(Dr. J.J. Penna, Juilliard NY, WCC, Princeton, NJ)


Zehava is one of those rare teachers who thoroughly understands her craft. She was able to help me on many levels all at once. Not only she is an excellent technician and pedagogue, she is also a true artist. She understands music, and style and she has excellent diction in multiple languages. …A wonderful sincere person. ... The difference knowing her has made in my life is profound.

As a teacher, Ms. Gal is extremely demanding, probably the most demanding I have ever worked with. And yet, she really made me work. If I did something she found to be substandard, I knew about it. And yet she was never mean or cruel. I always felt at ease when working with her.  I felt free and safe to try out new ideas. Most importantly, I felt like Zehava truly cared about me, and my instrument. I can honestly say I have never before worked with someone so skilled.

(James Taylor, renowned tenor, Professor of Voice, Yale, New Haven, CT)


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class last night at the Mannes School. You were really great with the students and I appreciate your honesty.

(Mitchell Vines, Accompanist, Mannes School of Music, NY)


Ms. Gal has led a number of vocal master classes for Continuing Education over the past several academic years.  Her classes are always wonderfully successful.

An incredible singer and artist herself, she is also a phenomenal master class clinician. Ms. Gal has wealth of knowledge about the human voice and thrives on sharing that knowledge. She is extremely animated and is able to work with a wide variety of personalities and singers at all levels of development.

The evaluations for her master classes invariably include superlatives from the participants.

(Scott Hoerl, Director of Seminars, Continuing Education, WCC, Princeton, NJ)


Talent and professionalism are the words that describe best Zehava Gal.

Ms Gal has a perfect sense of style and phrasing,

she teaches not only technique but also interpretation and staging, things that are of a great importance to every young musician. Zehava is a wonderful person, caring for her students and for their professional growth.

In my opinion she is a real asset to WCC and is among the teachers who maid my studying in the USA worth it.

(Tania Tachkova, Pianist, NY)


Ms. Gal is an exceptionally fine teacher who brings outstanding musical, language, and dramatic skills to a thorough and clear articulated technique. She is a beautiful singer herself with a masterful technique, which she uses in the service of music with real artistry.

She is an energetic teacher to whom most students respond with devotion. She is the kind of teacher who can lay foundation for a technique and means for musical expression that a student can use for lifetime. She is an excellent musician with fine keyboard skills and a sharp ear.

(Prof. Lindsey Christiansen, WCC, Princeton, NJ)

Zehava is a rare artist. She possesses a gorgeous voice, excellent technique, superior musicianship, rare communicative gifts with the audience, and, most special of all, her unique artistry comprehends music on an extremely deep level. 

She is one of the most special singers I have ever

worked with. You are very lucky to have her as a teacher. She would be an incredible asset to any school of music.

(Dennis Keene Artist Director and conductor of Voices of Ascension, NY)


The master class was an event that people at Rutgers

will be talking about for a long time. I was so impressed with the accuracy of your diagnosis, the quality of your information, and the tact and generosity with which you delivered them.

Each of the students who sang received a valuable gift,

as did the entire faculty. I hope that you will do us the honor of coming back again soon. Your artistry, through knowledge of pedagogy, physiology, style and repertoire would make you a valuable asset to any institution.

(Pamela Gilmore, Rutgers University Opera Dept., New Brunswick, NJ)


Zehava Gal is one of the most inspired, informed, holistic and well rounded voice teacher I have had the privilege of witnessing. Attending a voice master class of hers was a lesson in how to harness all of our gifts into masterpieces of expression through music. A marvelous mezzo-soprano of international renown in many gendres, Zehava now dedicates herself whole hearted to passing on the traditions of her best teachers combined with her own wisdom to those lucky enough to study under her guidance. I recommend her work wholeheartedly.

(Dr. Arlene Shrut, Pianist, Juilliard & Manhattan Schools, NY)


I have found Zehava Gal to be one of the most knowledgeable of vocal teachers as well as a great singing artist. Ms. Gal possesses the combination of knowledge of languages, pianistic skills, performing background, and technical knowledge all rolled up into one individual. It is extremely rare that all abilities can be found in one individual. 

I have worked with Zehava Gal directly and found her to be one of the most intelligent musicians I have ever met. Her musicality challenges even the greatest of artists on the opera and concert scene today and this special gift allows her to offer a depth of understanding to her students that is never compromised.

(David Jones, Voice Teacher, NY)


Zehava Gal, a gifted voice teacher whose work is at the highest level. I have attended two master classes for NYSTA taught by Ms. Gal and was very impressed with the number of aspects of her teaching.

She has her own unique way of visualizing and describing vocal coordination that provides powerful stimuli to the student; she communicates her instructions with directness and clarity; she is simultaneously demanding and supportive, two qualities that are invaluable in a voice teacher; and, most important in my view, she has an infallible ear for vocal beauty.

I observed firsthand her ability to guide students to a dramatically more beautiful singing tone within a restricted time frame. Ms. Gal’s depth of experience in vocal literature from a range of styles as well as her command of dramatic nuance, were also much in evidence in her teaching.

In short, students who work with Ms. Gal are very lucky to be in the hands of a teacher of her superior skills.

(Dora Orenstein, former president of NYSTA, NY)

I would like to recommend Ms. Gal as an extraordinary voice teacher. I have played for her lessons for two years and during this time I have observed her wonderful work with students of different levels and conditions.

Her high level technique is transmitted very clearly, with honesty and with consistency. I am impressed with her ability to open and develop voices: bringing the sound forward and guiding the student to obtain a clean and pure sound - something that is very difficult to find now days in a voice teacher.

Ms. Gal not only works on technique, but also on musical interpretation, how to create a character, with an amazing knowledge ad results. She posses a natural talent as a director and actress, and her experience with greatest conductors brings to her lessons an experience of enrichment.

After many years working as a pianist for different teachers and many master classes with the most important performers in Europe and the US,

I realize that Ms. Gal is one of the best voice teachers I have ever met.

(Ainhoa Urkijo, Accompanist Minnesota, WCC, Princeton, Spain)


Thank you for a very enlightening and brilliant class on Saturday. I am very moved by your strength!

(Linda Mindlin, Voice Faculty, WCC Conservatory, Princeton, NJ)

Ms. Gal is very attentive and engaged when teaching, her energy is amazing. I am so impressed with the way, she can help the student understand what is going on physically and psychologically, and then guide the student to make change to improve their technique, vocal quality and overall performance.

(Nancy Andersen, Soprano, The Hart School, University of Hartford, CT)


I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Zehava Gal’s Singing Master Calss. Last fall we had the pleasure of inviting Ms. Gal to Teachers College, Columbia University to work with graduate voice students.

I was impressed by the knowledge of technique as well as of repertoire. She was able to adjust quickly to the different strength and weaknesses of all the students. She was always very positive and touched on different ideas for the students to home and think about. The last student was more advanced technically so Ms. Gal was able to concentrate on the student’s performance of the aria. Interestingly, by freeing up the student dramatically and getting at the feel of true spontaneity, the student’s vocal technique became even freer and more vibrant!

In short, Ms. Gal is a dynamic, personable, and very knowledgeable woman in vocal and musical issues. I would encourage others to welcome her as well!! I would invite her back without hesitation! 

(Dr. Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, Columbia University, NY)

On the basis of my performing and teaching experience, I am very happy to unreservedly recommend Ms. Gal as one of the finest singers and teachers I have heard. Her own voice is beautiful, clear and with a warm color. She uses her instrument with subtlety, artistry and great musicianship. Her vocal technique is impeccable.

I have seen her at work in master classes and workshops, where she never fails to produce positive responses from her students and to interest and energize audiences. Indeed, I invited her to my University to work with my own students and we would very much hope to be able to ask her again.

Ms. Gal is extremely knowledgeable and focused. Her preparation work is detailed and thoughtful and all her lecture presentations are well structured and strike at the heart of her subject. I cannot think of another person I would more highly recommend for intelligence, musicianship and vocal knowledge, capable of great insights and intuition.

(Adèle Paxton Mierzewski, Soprano, CCSU Voice Department, CT)


It is rare to see an artist teach a class (Mannes School) in which she is a master in so many disciplines involved in singing. 

She taught by clearly articulating general thoughts on the art of singing, which were sensible and never intrusive. In order to clarify a goal, she sometimes demonstrated, and her singing is beautiful, deeply expressive and often dazzling. 

In order to stress rhythmic pattern, she set down at the keyboard and played with the assurance of a fine pianist. When diction was an issue, she seemed a master of several languages. When the students’ performance needed to be animated, she showed them acting techniques to bring their singing to life.

She was quite demanding but at the same time showed a respect for each student and the work they have already done. It also seemed that what she demonstrated in this short class was only the surface of her knowledge. The students were genuinely excited and talked about this master class long after it happened.

Teaching of this kind is an exciting thing to watch.

(Glenn Morton, Accompanist, Mannes & Manhattan Schools NY)


Ms. Gal has the talent to portray the music vividly and imaginatively; with humor and drama, she creates an atmosphere, which evokes the performer’s feelings and fantasy. The combination of Ms. Gal’s musical talent as a performer and an immense articulated teacher is a rare one!

Perfectionism, seriousness, honesty, commitment, and enthusiasm are part of Ms. Gal’s personality, which will contribute a great deal to many students.

(Dr. Edith Meshulam, Pianist, NY)


자하바 갈 선생님은 내가 만나본 어느 교수님보다 가장 독창적이며 예리한 방법으로 학생들을 가르치신다.

특히 그 만이 가지고 있는 테크닉은 우리의 몸의 가장 중심에서 나올법한 소리를 이끌어 내며, 그의 피아노 연주 능력으로 기인한 음악성은 자연스러운 보컬에 정확하고 섬세한 음악성을 일깨워준다.

무엇보다 그와 함께일할때 피아노 치는 것이 너무나 즐겁다.

‘I think Ms. Gal has the most unique and creative way of teaching her students how to sing.  Especially, her technique brings out the real sound, from the center of the person, and her musicality/musicianship which comes from her musical background as a pianist, adds up to the precision.  But most of all, as a pianist, I am the one who is constantly so inspired by her, while playing for her lessons.  She is the best.’

(Jihye Park, WCC, Princeton, NJ)


Her teaching was brilliant. She combined technical skills, music ideas, dramatic intention, interpretive inspiration all with authority and humor.

One can see that she achieves results because she cares and invests her energy with commitment. She is a talented musician and certainly is one who can make a difference in helping the future of young artists.

(Lorraine Nubar, Faculty Pre-College Juilliard NY, NEC Boston, Bard College)