I had the unfortunate experience of acquiring some vocal problems when I was only seventeen years old. I have not once experienced difficulty with any pathology since studying with Ms. Gal. My voice has been clean and healthy for the past four years, and I have her amazing technique to thank for that.

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“… I was operated on successfully and “behold” I got my voice back. My surgeon recommended Ms. Gal to me. What a stroke of luck for me. Ms. Gal has a wonderful way to teach “Singing Technique.” It is as sound as the earth spinning on its axis. It works perfectly. As good as my prior teachers were, they would have studied with Ms. Gal if they had the chance. I could not give Ms. Gal a higher recommendation. Her abilities are perfect for professional, exceptional for rising protégés and especially profound for those with not much talent. Anyone can learn from this ”Treasure” of a teacher.”

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“I had had surgery and had been experiencing some difficulties with my voice. I have a highly active international career. For me, it was very important to find a teacher I completely trusted with my voice. Zehava was just what the doctor ordered! In just a few lessons she turned me around. She had me singing easier and freer than I had sung in years. With a few, well applied, exercises and her marvelous ears, she helped me find my way back to singing. With Zehava, I didn't feel as I had felt with others, that I was being asked to betray myself, and my voice, in oder to create the "desired" effects. In fact, the opposite was true. I felt I have found myself again. Zehava was able to almost immediately diagnose my vocal problems and offer me clear and precise tools to undo them.”

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Injured Voices

“I developed vocal nodules at early age of sixteen. I was told both by my doctor and vocal therapist that before I should embark on an operation to remove the nodules, I should correct my technique or the operation would be in vain. I was recommended to Zehava Gal.

Zehava Gal was very patient with me, as she first had to undo all the bad damage and muscle memory of my horrible technique. Zehava’s technique worked wonders, and my true singing started to show.


The doctors were amazed.  Dr. Anthony Jahn MD (Head & Neck St. Luke’s-Roosevelt NY, & director of medical services at the Metropolitan opera) said that he had never seen such a dramatic improvement in such a small amount of time.  Dr. Anat Keidar admitted that she had thought that I was a hopeless case but that Zehava Gal had truly brought out a rich trained Mezzo-soprano in me. This past summer I finally had the operation. After a month of a long vocal rest I was allowed to continue lessons with Zehava. Again the results were dramatic. I trust Zehava’s technique so much that when I am in Boston University for the school year I fly to New York to take lessons with her. We can now build my voice with no physical hindrance and it has been an exciting journey for both of us. She has truly performed a miracle in me.”

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Professional Recommendation

“What makes Zehava Gal unique is a combination of intellect and sensitivity.  Not only does Ms. Gal posses a formidable understanding of the anatomic, physiologic, aerodynamics and acoustic substrates of normal and abnormal voice production, but she also has a profound grasp of the emotional and spiritual aspect underlying artistic drive and delivery.  Based on my experience, it is her ability to communicate that knowledge effectively to her students and to colleagues that sets her apart from many, otherwise qualifies voice professionals. I have worked very closely with this individual, and have come to learn from her, respect her, and rely on her unique abilities on numerous occasions.

Ms. Gal has demonstrated an insatiable hunger for information, be it about anatomy, physiology and acoustics, or personally and behavior. She has covered a significant amount of reading in the current literature, pertinent to voice science of vocal rehabilitation, and spent a considerable amount of time in the Vox Humana voice laboratory, New York.

Through observation and direct tutelage, she has learned to administer, score and interpret the essential components of voice evaluation (consisting of a clinical interview, vocal capability battery and trial remediation, and laryngeal video-stroboscopy) as well as fundamental principles of vocal rehabilitation and enhancement. Ms. Gal has also learned to establish a link between clinical finding, professional demands, aesthetic guidelines, and practical recommendations for singers who are physically and /or technically challenged. 

She has skillfully implemented a variety of techniques aimed at improving the vocal capabilities of singers with specific problems such as benign mucosal disorders, phonasthenia, and neuromuscular anomalies.  I strongly feel that in this area of competency, she is virtually unmatched. I have referred several singers to her studio of whom, the majority had and significant vocal impairments.  The Progress noted within a very short time frame has been, consistently, spectacular.  

Ms. Gal has proven herself not only as a resourceful, dedicated voice teacher, but also as an outstanding educator.  I value her feedback, exploratory pursuit of new ways of doing things, and innovative thinking. She continues to be a masterful problem-solver and an energetic team-player. On a personal level, I find Ms. Gal warm, engaging, and generous.”

(Dr. Anat Keidar Ph.D.,CCC-SLP.  Keidar@aol.com  - New York)


I am a music educator in a large school and a professional voice user who has enjoyed singing in top chamber choirs. When I came to Ms. Gal my voice suffered from fatigue and extended use. With her help and patient guidance, she took me through the basics of tuning my instrument. In addition to working with the mechanics of the vocal apparatus with a precision that I had never experienced, Ms. Gal opened my eyes to the dynamic nature of singing.  She addressed issues such as focus, line, and the physical/spiritual phenomenon of completely being in the moment when signing. This was truly a transforming idea for me. My conception of singing had always been one of "doing". As a result of this over exertion, my lack of a dynamic technique resulted in a locked and forced vocal mechanism that produced a very restricted and pushed sound. Ms. Gal showed me how to take the "tuning of the vocal mechanism" and more important how to use this technique in a way that freed my mind and body from the inherent negative thoughts and physical habits that had inhibited me for so long.  

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Photo: Tom Waltz