I woke up this morning thinking about what you taught us, and feeling somewhat enlightened about the use of breath in singing and am looking forward to experimenting with your ideas in my vocal practice. It is a special day in one's life when he or she comes across an exceptional teacher like yourself.

(Liz Salvie, Singer, NY, 2010)

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your

Master Class. You have a true gift for communication and it shows in your students.

(Jennifer Winn, Soprano, Ewing, NJ)


Real!  I love that! I take great care in studying the music, text, and character. I do get hung up on vocal technique weather intentional or unintentional – thank you so much for working with me on that and more.

I love your perspective! Thank you again! 

(J.D. Sung Ahn, Tenore, singer, Boston 2008)

This class was wonderful and entertaining and very informative.

I appreciate that you keep the class focused on the singers and the work, rather than using it as an excuse to express your own ego (like so many other teachers.) This type of work is great.

(Elizabeth Eyerer, Boston 2008)

As always, Zehava brought my level of listening way up! Her joy,

energy and vocal float not only transcended all of us observers but also transformed the singing and technical approached of the performers literally before our own eyes. Can’t wait to have her back. Thank you!

(Sara Morrow, Soprano, Boston 2008)

Zehava, you are real and you say it like it is, and you delve deep into the core and pull the being out. I am not an opera singer, but in your classes I feel like I am. I relate to every lesson, as you teach about life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

(Katja Shenchuk, Boston 2008)

I couldn't be more amazed by your approach to

teaching - you added the perfect amount of energy and humor, and I was often left speechless.

You are a brilliant, inspirational, wonderful woman, and

I cannot thank you enough for all that you have taught me! "The Art Of Coloratura" has opened my eyes to so many things!

(Erin Townley, Soprano, student, NY 2010)


The class transcends music. It is an inspiration. Just listening to your philosophies entrances life and shades a fresh perspective on balance – centering. From musical standpoint, it uplifts and encourages hard study to achieve new heights.

(Andres Cordona, NJ 2009)

Your seminar yesterday was unbelievable! I was amazed at how quickly you were able to completely transform voices. If people seeing this post haven't worked with Zehava you MUST. She is that good.

(Joseph Picchirillo, Graduate Student, NYU, WCC, 2010)


An excellent PowerPoint lecture, graduate level content with extreme consolidation of information. Pictures/Art - a wonderful addition! Excellent topics. Great singers, great training!

(Dr. Bonnie Matthaeus, MD, Wilmington DE 2009)

Ms. Gal is a vocal surgeon; zeroing in, fine tuning of the voice with precision and honesty. She has an uncanny way of working with the entire instrument; body, mind and voice.

She is a no nonsense instructor who teaches on an extremely high level which causes the student to hunger for excellence on a level that few know exists. The seminar has exceeded my expectations. Thank you Ms. Gal.

(Sherill Spruill - Choral Teacher, Long Island NY, 2009)

Wonderful Master Class. Straight  forward teaching. All about the music – no ego involved– which is refreshing!

(Christin Noble, Soprano 2007)

Fantastic! Brilliant, honest and true. To the core of what it’s all about. Genuine sharing of your passion and technique. Amazing day! Thank you Zehava. 

(Nadine Quattrone, Soprano 2007)

Last fall we had the pleasure of inviting Ms. Gal to Teachers College, Columbia University to work with graduate voice students. I was impressed by the knowledge of technique as well as of repertoire.

She was able to adjust quickly to the different strength and weaknesses of all the students. She was always very positive and touched on different ideas for the students to go home and think about. The last student was more advanced technically so Ms. Gal was able to concentrate on the student’s performance of the aria. Interestingly, by freeing up the student dramatically and getting at the feel of true spontaneity, the student’s vocal technique became even freer and more vibrant!

In short, Ms. Gal is a dynamic, personable, and very knowledgeable woman in vocal and musical issues. I would encourage others to welcome her as well!! I would invite her back without hesitation!

(Dr. Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, Columbia University, NY 2003)

Zehava Gal presented a most successful master class at the Mannes College of Music. The subject of the event was The Art Of Coloratura. She guided students of all levels with her expertise to achieve a better vocal tone, stage presence and musical expression. The participants were enthusiastic and the educational experience was tremendous.

Mannes College is eager to have Ms. Gal return to lead additional workshops. I highly recommend this opportunity for students of all levels. (Beth Roberts - Voice Department Chair, Mannes, NY 2003)

That was fantastic as usual! By working with you, I always get exited and know the difference we can make with our voices. Thank you for being my teacher! I’ll work much, much harder!!!

(Yuhi Aizawa Combatti, CA, WCC, NJ)

This was the most useful and insightful MC I’ve attended When she opened her mouth to sing I was astonished by the sheer beauty and her fortified technique. By using her voice to demonstrate to the singers everyone saw and heard for themselves the magnitude of her knowledge as a voice professor.

Her candor and honesty through out the day were seen both through her spoken words and the uninhibited beauty of her singing voice. Ms. Gal technique and skill are in a world class league of their own!

(Timothy Fallon - Tenor, WCC, NJ 2000)


This instructor is a true master to this form! Ms. Gal demonstrated a plethora of knowledge in the style of Handel-Mozart-Rossini through her presentation, discussion, technique, and working with individual students.

She presented her philosophy through vocal models, technical explanations and physical demonstrations. In addition, this master teacher utilized dramatic interpretation and languages to help reinforce vocal technique.

I appreciate her vast knowledge, endless passion, and her natural instinct as a teacher. Thanks you! This class gone beyond my expectations!

(Ida M. Nicolini, NJ)

Ms. Gal is a very consummate musician, performer and instructor. She has very high expectations for each of the singers that she works with. She has the ability to zero in on specific issues that effect the singer ‘s vocal production with little time. She does not give up on the singer and expects the same in return.

(Hope Knight, Mezzo, WCC, NJ, Moorestown, Philadelphia)


I came to the Master Calss because I’ve always been interested in the vocal and dramatic progress of Zehava’s studio. I had no idea that I would experience a class rooted in true understanding of the theatrical experience of singing.

Ms. Gal offers the type of influence that is desperately needed at WCC. She understand and communicates a unique and through dramatic technique that more students and faculty should experience.

(Nathan Brewer, Stage Director, WCC, 2002)


I have found your Master Classes particularly excellent (and I have attended others') because you are in fact a master in your field.  You have chosen to teach others, which is the greatest challenge for a professional. The classroom presentations have been excellent. The quality of the singers is unmatched. The selection of music to support the lecture is amazing.  Candidly, I think your greatest value is at the highest professional level and you should be leading the leaders of the field.

(Dr. Bonnie Matthaeus, MD, Wilmington DE, 2011)

I really appreciate your patients! Your understanding of the voice, body and mind is amazing. The workshop left me wanting more. I would love to study with you if possible. Your method of teaching really resonated in my mind.

I enjoyed everything and learned a lot!

(Meagan Turner - Soprano, participant of “Art of Coloratura” 2010)

Zehava has the ability to recognize within each singer the issues which block them in artistry and performance. Students who had the privilege of previous study with Ms. Gal, in this workshop, are confident in their technique. Zehava has changed my understanding about the singing breath. If I am able to understand these concepts, my own studio will be amazing. I am grateful for these precious moments spent with a great artist and teacher.

(Jody Kienzler, Voice Teacher “Art of Coloratura” 2010)

Zehava, you are an extraordinary teacher. Your ability to be with whatever the singer is doing but also to hear the unsung/unexpected artist within is truly inspirational. Truth is work but so worth the labor. Thank you for reminding me of it. 

(Dr. Guy Maytal, MD - Psychiatrist, Boston, 2008)

Ms. Gal has a wealth of knowledge! I got a great deal to take back to my students. As a teacher she was very encouraging and very positive towards each performer. What an artist!

(Louise O’Hanlon, Long Island, NY 2007)


How rarely one has the opportunity to work with a master musician and pedagogue that you are. I hope that I may have a chance to work with one on one. Brilliant work, uncompromising yet appropriately compassionate.

(Dr. Lisa Lutter, NJ 2007)

Superb teacher!!! Never miss an opportunity to hear, feel, see her teach! Have extended many classes at WCC- Zehava is the ultimate. As singing teachers - always expand our knowledge. Invaluable!

(Grace Heart and Enzo Citarella, NY 2007)

Excellent. The lecture was great and seeing all the guidelines put to practice was fantastic!.

(Adrienne Milics, NY 2007)


I think that you are a real Master Teacher. You will find things that work faster, and many other ways of saying the same things. But your ideas for me are right, and you have done your homework. Much admiration.

(Tom Cultice, Voice Faculty, Mannes, NY 2004)


Your handling of four very different singers was very impressive. I was very impressed by the way you not only gave support to those who were self-conscious, but to also the way you gave them practical help to overcome their fears. Indeed all your comments supported the work of each singer (and their regular teachers,) and this is exactly I was hoping would happen.

The audience was fully involved in what you had said and left after two hours as thought they themselves had taken a full part in your workshop.

(Simon David Holt - Executive Director, Calvary Music School, CT, 2004)


As always – incredibly inspiring! Thank you for being vulnerable and honest while teaching!

(Frizzi Lilian Linch, Columbia University, NY 2001)


It was a teaching masterpiece, as usual for Zehava Gal. Very informative! Those not singing have learned, as much as the participants. Zehava’s absolutely pure beautiful vocal example assisted, directed and inspired each singer’s best effort in producing her/his own best sound.

(Mary Jean Dux - Coral Conductor, NY)

Zehava Gal, a gifted voice teacher whose work is at the highest level. I have attended two master classes taught by Ms. Gal for NYSTA and was very impressed with the number of aspects of her teaching: She has her own unique way of visualizing and describing vocal coordination that provides powerful stimuli to the student; she communicates her instructions with directness and clarity; she is simultaneously demanding and supportive, two qualities that are invaluable in a voice teacher; and, most important in my view, she has an infallible ear for vocal beauty. I observed firsthand her ability to guide students to a dramatically more beautiful singing tone within a restricted time frame.

Ms. Gal’s depth of experience in vocal literature from a range of styles as well as her command of dramatic nuance, were also much in evidence in her teaching. In short, students who work with Ms. Gal are very lucky to be in the hands of a teacher of her superior skills.

(Dora Orenstein, Former President of NYSTA, NY 2002)

The master class was an event that people at Rutgers will be talking about for a long time. I was so impressed with the accuracy of your diagnosis, the quality of your information, and the tact and generosity with which you delivered the.

Each of the students who sang received a valuable gift, as did the entire faculty. I hope that you will do us the honor of coming back again soon.Your artistry, through knowledge of pedagogy, physiology, style and repertoire would make you a valuable asset to any institution.

(Pamela Gilmore, Rutgers Opera Department, New Brunswick, NJ 2003)


Ms. Gal is tremendously inspirational and influential! I am truly amazed!

(Art of Coloratura” 2010)

Master Classes Reviews

I was completely mesmerized by your teaching yesterday. (The Art Of Coloratura, 5 days seminar in Princeton, July, 2010) You are such a Master and so charismatic. How lucky all those girls in your class are. They have no idea,

I am sure. You are first a consummate musician and then a singer and then a teacher.

(Dr. C. P. Arneson, Professor of Pedagogy and Voice at WCC, NJ 2010)


What a fabulous, outstanding workshop! The Power-Point lecture was wonderfully prepared with a fantastic integration of artwork. Ms. Gal research in her Power-Point lecture was unparalleled to any other workshops. Ms. Gal’s teaching is inspiring in that she brought each singer to a new level of musicianship. Her breath of experience, international performing career, artistic excellence and precise pedagogy are unique. It is rare to find in a musician who is both an artist and a pedagogue of the highest level. I am looking forward to the next seminar that you are teaching. Westminster is fortunate to have such a class to offer. This was one of the most comprehensive summer workshops ever offered.

(Melite Scherzinger, Music educator, Singer, Violinist, Philadelphia, “Art of Coloratura” 2010)


What an incredible time I had at your seminar on Saturday. It was a wonderful experience and I can't thank you enough for working with me. I was so grateful for your input. You did a lot to help clarify so many of the things I've been trying to organize in my head.

Hearing you demonstrate your technique for the whole day was an amazing experience in itself (This was the first time I'd ever heard you sing and your voice is beyond incredible). Thinking about your demonstrations and the way you worked with the participants is certain to have a profound affect on my practicing, technique and progress.

Best of all, you said nothing that was not in keeping with the instruction and coaching I've received so far so I am ecstatic to be able to implement everything we worked on into my own practice. Again, thank you SO much for your time and incredible work. I can't wait until next year!

(Ryan John, Student, WCC, 2010)


I have cherished every moment we have been working together. It is difficult for me to explain the impact you have made on me not only as a musician, but also as a human being.

You are a deep well of knowledge, passion, love, incredible source of inspiration and encouragement. I am coming to find that singing (correctly!) is like living life to its fullest. Thank you for all what you do for your students.

(Hannah Guerra, Soprano, student, WCC, Princeton, NJ 2010)


I loved that you had people accountable and don’t just say how wonderful everyone is. Your knowledge of the voice mechanism is great and I wish I lived closer to you. Very inspiring as a teacher and a professional singer who can still sing beautifully and healthfully with no issues after singing for so many years. Your course was excellent!!(Shelley Maddox, Soprano “The Art of Coloratura” 2010)


Professor Gal has an extraordinary ability to discover the specific techniques needed by each participant for improvement. She brings the best out of each singer, because she is sincere, natural and wise.

It was such a joy for everybody because she was full of energy and compassion. Prof. Gal has a charming personality to create an enjoyable environment, which bathes everyone with happiness and delight.

(Violet Chang, Soprano, Philadelphia, PA)

Her teaching was brilliant. She combined technical skills, music ideas, dramatic intention, interpretive inspiration all with authority and humor.

One can see that she achieves results because she cares and invests her energy with commitment. She is a talented musician and certainly is one who can make a difference in helping the future of young artists.

(Lorraine Nubar - Faculty Pre-College Juilliard NY, NEC Boston, Bard, 2002)


Just so that you hear it from yet another person, you

are a great teacher! I appreciate all your comments to the younger singers. I hope to work with you some day

in the future.

(Nathan Meyers, Mannes School, NY 2004)


Photos: Tom Waltz

Great! Ms. Gal’s real world experience is an enormous bonus to her teaching. She got results giving 100% with all her heart, soul – for good measures! Students responded to her teaching! I’d like to see more of these master classes. Good show at WCC!

(Bonnie Hoke, Soprano, Philadelphia, PA)