I have been studying with Ms. Gal over six years now and it has been quite an extraordinary experience.  Her ideas about life and her approach to vocal technique have helped to improve me as a musician in every way. She has helped me to find a center in my life and to focus on the task at hand.  She has helped me to grow as an individual.  Her expertise has been quite an asset for me.  Without her help I could never accomplish what I dream to do.

(Hope Knight, Mezzo-Soprano, graduate student WCC, Princeton, NJ)

Thank you! for helping my daughter be the singer and musician that she has learned to be. Know that you have been a big influence on her craft and her life. Much thanks and love.

(Nancy Barlow Knight)


All artists are young artists in the sense that we must always encompass an innate curiosity to gather information and explore all facets of life. Zehava Gal is a vibrant artist whose foremost aim is being in touch with one's self, finding and accepting truths, in order to be

able to work from a clean center.  Her natural strength and passion for life is facilitated through the beautiful vessel which is her voice.

She has a genuine ability to be in the moment, to breath in a love for the gift of music that is infectious. We are all in search of our own raison d’être. As a teacher and mentor Ms. Gal is a wonderful and supportive guide. She nurtures the students’ own ability, with her vast knowledge of the voice's mechanisms and performance.

She gives her students the technical and creative tools they can use towards individual growth. She aids the student in recognizing their own potential and their own ability to create and give of themselves through music.

(Samantha Scully, 2012 WCC, Princeton, NJ)


… I was operated on successfully and “behold” I got my voice back. My surgeon recommended Ms. Gal to me. What a stroke of luck for me.

Ms. Gal has a wonderful way to teach “singing Technique.” It is as sound as the Earth spinning on its axis. It works perfectly. As good as my prior teachers were, they would have studied with Ms. Gal if they had the chance.

I could not give Ms. Gal a higher recommendation. Her abilities are perfect for professional, exceptional for rising protégés and especially profound for those with not much talent. Anyone can learn from this ”Treasure” of a teacher.

(Norman Cohen, Tenor, Film Director, Producer, Consultant, NY)

Ms. Gal’s technical knowledge is unparalleled. Her understanding of support, breath, laryngeal placement and resonance is so finely honed that she is able to pin point the slightest fault in a sound and knows immediately how to fix it.

I have witnessed first hand in master classes and even in my own lessons how, with a few minutes, Ms. Gal can transform a breathy sound into a richer sound. A work in master classes is especially interesting, as she takes young students, many of whom are in high school, and is able to change their voices from an immature, under supported sound into a fuller, more mature production.

Ms. Gal has knowledge of languages that extends past the textbook vowel sounds and into the color of each word. She uses these colors to aid in expression and vocal production, giving the language a character which helps students get across the meaning of the text. In addition to this, Ms. Gal uses her background as a phenomenal singing actress and encourages students to dig into the text of a song or aria to find the language, and the expression to make a complete artist.

I feel after studying with Ms. Gal that she is truly an asset to any faculty or student. Her boundless energy and drive to see her students succeed is precisely what anyone studying the art of classical singing needs.

(Kathryn McManus Kelly- soprano, graduate student 2010 WCC, Princeton, NJ)

Thank you for all of the effort, caring and love you gave my daughter Kathryn. She is a stronger, smarter woman because of you!

(Betty Axson, K. McManus’ mother)


I have yet to meet with a teacher who can explain the intricacies of vocal technique more clearly and following

a consistent method.

My work with her has enabled me to identify the problems in my singing (and in the singing of others) in a way I was unable to do before and has provided me with a sound base upon which to build new skills with a true understanding of what I am doing, so I can work independently as well. 

I believe that my work with Ms. Gal has truly made me a better singer.

Singing becomes much easier after a session with her and on the occasions when I record our lessons I can also hear the difference. She is truly a unique teacher with a technical and musical depths such as I have rarely come across.

(Tamar Kleinberger, Soprano, Israel, The Guildhall School of Music, London, Opera National de Lyon studio)


I came to New York in search of a teacher to help me further develop a healthy vocal technique and I can surly say that I have found that teacher in Ms. Gal.  In her, you will find the teacher of extreme compassion and inspiration for her students. 

I have studied with several well-known, high-caliber teachers during my studies of voice, and I can say with my utmost belief that Ms. Gal ranks above all. Aside from being an educator, highly sensitive musician and accomplished pianist, Ms. Gal has a wonderfully sensitive and warm personality.  

Her dedication to her students is unwavering.  She gives 100+% of her energy, focus and commitment to every lesson. I advise you to seriously consider this wonderful rarity of a voice teacher!

(Maryann Mootos, Soprano)


I walk out of each lesson with a new understanding of my voice and a feeling of total connection throughout my body. I have never before worked with a teacher as knowledgeable and as caring as Zehava Gal - she is a true rarity!

(Kristin Hoffman, Soprano, NYC)


I found a voice inside me I did not know existed. I must tell you that Ms. Gal is a teacher that will not take no for an answer. She is there to make sure that you are getting the care you need for your voice and will not let any imperfection pass by her knowledgeable ear. 

I find myself walking away from the lesson not only knowing technically what is happening but also feeling what it feels like to do things right. I feel that Zehava has given me a new passion for music. I have discovered a new voice she and I love.

Her constant encouragement keeps my spirit alive and her need for perfection keep my feet planted on the ground. Words cannot express the respect I have for her. I have found not only a skilled caring teacher, but a friend as well.

(Sara Bailey, Soprano, graduate voice performance, WCC)

After the first semester, I was singing with a vibrato and I had a musical line. At the end of the second semester I was singing with my full body. What I love about my lessons is that I discover something new each time I walk into the door and when I leave, I’m not the same as when I first came in.  

Zehava is very direct and expects nothing less than 100% from me. But in the same time, she is very caring, a very friendly woman who has invested so much in me. I feel I can go into a lesson and be as open as I can; my greatest experiences here at WCC come during my voice lessons. Zehava is what makes that all happen.  She has brought me to a high level in my voice and character I would have never imagined happening. She is the best!

(Jonathan Britt, baritone, Boston University, WCC, Princeton, NJ)


The woman with whom I work with is an artist.  Zehava Gal has mastered her voice and her body as expressive instrument, and as my teacher, Ms. Gal challenges, encourages, and inspires me to do the same.  Time spent in the lesson is so valuable and never enough!  

Throughout each lesson Ms. Gal concentrates on her student and gives her all to educate and enlighten us. In the future I hope I will be able to show my students the respect and support Ms. Gal has shows me, teaching them a technique they can swear by, and allowing their voices and bodies to be a medium through which their souls pour sounds incredible with meaning and human conviction.

(Marion Russell Dickson, Soprano, University of Saint Thomas, Houston, Eastman NY, WCC Princeton NJ)


Most of all I enjoyed working with Zehava because of how personable she is. She genuinely cares about me and I am sure I speak for the rest of her students when I say she cares about them as well.

She is not the “Hello. How are you? Great. Let’s sing” breed of teacher. We can discuss problems or joys and work with them in the performance of the repertoire. She is incredibly persistent and demanding, which I expect and appreciate in a good teacher. Not only we spend much time on technical aspects such as resonance and diction, but also work on performance aspects. 

Ms. Gal serves as a dramatic coach as well and helped me better communicate the text of my song literature aw well as the more subtle meanings inherent to the music itself. 

(Matthew Wolchak, Baritone, Graduate WCC Princeton, NJ)


In all my years of study, I have never found a teacher who could so quickly diagnose and remedy my vocal inefficiencies. Although I have always considered myself a good singer, in the last few months I have learned more about my voice and how to make it better than in all my previous years of study.  This may sound like an extreme and highly exaggerated statement, but I am in earnest.

I finally beginning to understand what makes my sound and that is a gift of self-knowledge no other teacher has been able to give me. I am only sorry it took me eighteen years to find Zehava Gal.

(Daniel Sinclair - Soprano, N.Y.C State Opera)


After my first lesson I had learn more about technique and the voice than I had in my previous four years of training. 

Zehava focuses completely on the students needs, always there, demonstrating exactly what she expects by her own model.  She not only works at molding the voice, but also at molding the person. With me she specially worked on building up my self-confidence and by doing so improved my singing immensely.

I have learned so much from this woman and I feel it a privilege to be able to work with her.  She is a unique human being.

(Laurel Unwin, Mezzo-Soprano NY, WCC, Princeton, NJ)


I would like to add that I am a graduate student with ten yeas of work experience. Out of all teachers I have had throughout my academic and professional years, I must say that only a handful of them have made it to my list of exceptional teachers.

In just three weeks Ms. Gal has already earned an esteemed position on  this very short list.

(Barrie Scheer, Graduate Student 2008 WCC, Princeton, NJ)

My lessons with Ms. Gal were challenging and fast-paced. Thanks to Ms. Gal’s vocal technique I began to develop a big voice, gaining greater control of my instrument.

Ms. Gal’s attuned attention to musical detail, coupled by her music mastery and communicative dexterity, yield informative workshop experiences. It is very rare to see a clinician engage as passionately and as “in the moment” as Ms. Gal when working with singers, first time and second. 

She will work with the most utmost professionalism with graduate, as well as undergraduate students.

(Cara Bernard, Graduate Student NYU, WCC, Princeton, NJ)


Studying with Ms. Gal has been, and I know will continue to be an incredible journey for me, both vocally and emotionally. Ms. Gal encourages her students to work hard because she knows their potential. She is an extremely talented, passionate, and determined professor.

After working with Ms. Gal, my entire technique of breath and foundation of singing has changed. I've learned that singing is completely physical, and without energy and the support of your entire body, you cannot grow and improve vocally. I've also learned that it is important to let go and not think so much of my fears and concerns while singing. My confidence has improved greatly as well as my vocal range and ability by studying with Ms. Gal. She has always provided inspiration and support, as well as given me tools I can use for a lifetime.

(Meryem Ahmadian, Soprano, WCC, Princeton NJ)


Zehava Gal has helped me to find my true voice.  Before

I studied with her, I thought I knew how to sing.  She proved me wrong.  Ms. Gal has not only given me the knowledge and guidance to open my instrument so that

I can sing freely, she has also given me the encouragement to open myself as a person.  It's all

about trust with her - trusting your instrument and trusting yourself.  She works from a place of love for her students and her desire for them to move forward as singers.  It is because of this that students, like myself, enjoy working with her.  Ms. Gal never settles for less.  If something is not right, she will tell you it's not right and help you to fix it.  However, if something is right, she is "your biggest cheerleader," as she likes to say.  Ms. Gal challenges me to move past my mind and all my inhibitions and instead, sing from the center of who I am. It is the best feelings.

(Hannah Guerra, Soprano, WCC, Princeton, NJ)


What amazed me about Ms. Gal is her willingness to teach and impart her knowledge to anyone who truly wants to unlock the secret of the human singing voice. Her teaching style is intense yet caring and is coupled with a deep desire to see her students achieve vocal excellence. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have even one lesson with Ms. Gal will experience immediate results that will only ignite a desire in the student to learn more.

Ms. Gal showed me how to take the “tuning of the vocal mechanism” and more important how to use this mechanism in a way that freed my mind and body from the inherent negative thoughts and physical habits that had inhibited me for so long.

Ms. Gal is able to "zero in" with laser like precision on the needs and strengths of singers. She brings them to a different level of music and artistry. She is able to guide singer and bring out a completely new and beautiful sound in just a few minutes. Ms. Gal's students sing with a technical freedom that allows them to focus completely on the artistry of the moment. Because Ms. Gal's students are so technically sound, she is able to work with them on musical and interpretative level that is of the highest caliber. Ms. Gal is uniquely qualified and stands in excellence alone among many voice teachers that are currently teaching in New York.

(Melite Scherzinger, Soprano, Philadelphia, PA)


Zehava Gal displays a mastery of vocal technique not often found in performer with her distinguish career. She understands not only the “nuts and bolts” of producing refined sounds, but also clearly perceives each student’s individual needs, problems and musicality.

She carefully works to train each singer in the best direction for his or her respective voice and talent. She is a kind, but strict instructor – insisting that each individual strive to do their best and pushing them to exceed their own expectations. She generates trust and a desire to achieve better by her generous attitude and carful guidance.

Zehava has an uncanny ability at thought perception and can often anticipate solving a mental impediment before it actually has time to take root and grow into something more worrisome.

(Catherine Forbes, Soprano, NY, Germany, Switzerland)


I have worked with Zehava Gal for four years in the

voice performance program at Westminster Choir College. 

She is a wonderful teacher, guide, and mentor. Her approach to teaching voice is incredibly thorough, through all aspects of technique, interpretation, and performance.

Ms. Gal puts an incredible amount of energy into making sure that each of her students is performing at the pick of his/her abilities.

Her focus and dedication is passed on to her students. Her students look up to her, and as such, trust the feedback she gives and apply it in their everyday singing outside of lessons. Her technical instruction is always very specific in relating to the issue at hand, and easy to relate to and follow. She explains the biological process of singing as well as the psychological aspects that affect every singer, and helps to correct problem and misconceptions in both areas.

Zehava focuses strongly on interpretation as well as technique. She always has interpretive ideas, yet is open to other views a student may have. Her students know the importance of a strong interpretation, and how it will help them to relate to their audience. She also provides tools to help them understand the repertoire, and always makes sure the students know exact translations and pronunciations.

She is a passionate teacher, and will never give up on a student, even if the student is struggling. She provides a strong base of support for her young singers and is always an encouraging presence. Her studio always ends up being a tight knit, supportive group, willing to give constructive feedback largely because of her influence.

Ms. Gal has been an invaluable resource and teacher to me, as well as to all of my fellow studio members over the course of my years at Westminster, and I am confident that she will continue to be for many students to come.

(Jackson Williams, Baritone, 2010 WCC, NJ.  NEC, Boston)


Under Ms. Gal’s tutelage I have made countless discoveries about myself, my voice, and the true meaning of performing. To have a lesson with Ms. Gal is not be merely coached in technique, but to undergo an emotional and vocal catharsis.

A coaching session with Ms. Gal is an amazing experience not to be forgotten, which the singer should strive to emulate with every performance. Her immense capacity to love and care for her students mark her as an exemplary and inspiring teacher and individual.

(Christopher Judd, Tenor, NY, Indiana University, WCC Princeton, NJ)


Ms. Gal has at her disposal a vast array of techniques and images, both standard and unique, to encourage and instruct her students. She is also capable of inventing a new exercise particularly suited to the given situation, leading the student to discover a new and exciting aspect of their vocal technique or interpretation. These exercises pull the students into the broader realm of performance.

I have made tremendous progress both technically and musically. Ms. Gal’s goal is to create complete singer/performer, not just able vocal technicians. To do this she works extensively with both the student’s mind and body. Each lesson not only involves technical advice, but psychological insight into the meaning of the work and how that meaning can best be projected.

I have grown as a human being as well as a singer under her tutelage. I have adapted her perspective of the art of teaching into my own teaching style.

(Carren Klenke, Graduate voice performance WCC, Princeton NJ)

Ms. Gal’s style of teaching is unique. She is a true pedagogue. Not only does she fully understand the anatomy, physiology and acoustics of the instrument and the process involved in building a voice, but also she is fully able to relay and teach this information to her students.

Since beginning my training, I have learned proper breath support, appropriate vocal resonance, looking for the true color of my voice, and a better understanding of singing in different languages. She has taught me the importance of character development and it’s connection to the music.

“You have got to discover you, what you do, and trust it.” – Barbara Streisand. When I read this, I thought it perfectly described the last 6 years of our journey together.

You have never given up on me, or the process of building my voice. I am thankful every day for the empowerment and trust I have finally found from discovering my voice with you. Thank you for being relentless and never settling for less than the very best. You are a true inspiration. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

(Katherine Gornick, Soprano, graduate student 2010 WCC, Princeton, NJ)


Zehava Gal has everything that a committed student should look for: The performer’s experience and the master’s skills.

Her vast knowledge covers all the different areas, such as voice technique, style, acting, and diction. In just a voice lesson she is able to teach not only how to apply her unique technique to the specific piece, but also how to analyze it as a musician, and understand the character’s dramatic situation in a given moment and clarify to her students how all the above components combine.

The fact that Ms. Gal is a first class singer/musician/pianist, elevates the lesson to a different level; not only she is very articulated, but she is always able to teach a highly dynamic, inspirational and intense hour, and that they are an important aspect of my training process, and of my development as a singer.

Such a versatile and multifaceted teacher as Ms. Gal becomes harder and harder to find.

(Amaia Urtiaga, Soprano, Vienna, graduate student 2008 WCC, Princeton, NJ)

Vine desde España an estudiar con Zehava con la esperanza de quedarme tan solo para 3 meses, pero he repetido, pues es impresionante el mundo que se ha abierto ante mi tras conocerla. Su forma de ensenar es inimaginablemente efectiva; asi como son tambien sorprendentes su personalidad y profesionalidad. Zehava lo da todo de si en cada una de sus clases, y hace que te sientas como un verdadero profesional.

En definitiva, he descubierto lo que realmente significa el ser cantante; con una plena dedicacion e implicacion de mi ser, tanto fisicamente como espiritualmente. Nunca me hubiera imaginado que podria cantar como lo estoy haciendo, es como un sueno hecho realidad. A mi querida profesora, gracias, gracias, gracias. 

(Amaia Urtiaga Uriondo, Soprano, Spain)


Ms. Gal is worth her weigh in gold. She has opened my eyes! Unlike any other teacher I have worked with, Ms. Gal holds an all encompassing knowledge of the mechanism of the voice, both intellectually and intuitively.

Ms. Gal’s technique and approach to singing has led me to a state of music nirvana. She guides the singer to create a sound uniquely their own, rooted in honesty and truthfulness. This vocal purity is achieved with the help of Ms. Gal exact ears, her understanding of pure vowel sound, and extensive knowledge of languages.

It is only until working with Ms. Gal that I understood that as a singer I must utilize my entire body, have a strong concept of its alignment in order to create a seemingly effortless tones I have ever made.

(Timothy Fallon, Oper Leipzig Germany, Juilliard, Binghamton, WCC, Princeton, NJ)


Ms. Gal has a firm grasp of the physiology of vocal production, which she combines with visualizations of strong psychological images to assist the singer in grasping concepts that build a broader base from which to create a secure, dependable technique. Ms. Gal teaches expressive singing using color and language to convey emotion without vocal strain. ...her enthusiasm, genuine interest in her students, desire to share her craft, and love and respect for singing make her an exceptional teacher. I am fortunate to be a recipient of her mastery of the art of teaching.

(Charlotte Philly, Soprano, Metropolitan Opera, NY)

I received my Master in voice performance from the Manhattan School of Music, and Ms. Gal has taught me how to better control and refine my voice.

Through her instruction in correct breathing and knowledge of the “Cuperto” technique, I have made much progress.  So many teachers only talk about what is on the page, but she knows how to make her students find the heart of the music and text.  It is refreshing to find a teacher so strong on her musical conviction, and incredibly giving to her student.  

Ms. Gal will not accept less than your best and push you to find it in yourself. Her commitment to her students never seems to falter and you understand she wants you to succeed. I feel very fortunate to have known and study with Zehava.

(In-Huan Choi-Bariton, Post Graduate WCC, Princeton, Manhattan School of Music, Korea)

Zehava Gal is strong, direct, honest and caring.  She is not an individual with whom you can be passive: She demands your attention and compels you to take her, the music, and yourself seriously, and yet it is clear that Zehava Gal understands how vulnerable one feels during the learning process and how much encouragement one needs to be “out there”. Because of this and because of her own enormous gifts I instinctively trusted her.

Never before had I worked with someone so gifted as a vocal performer and teacher. What makes Zehava Gal a great teacher is that she has the probing mind, the vast artistic talent, the broadness of creative expression, and the commitment to her students that make these goals attainable.

I am extremely fortunate to have had the privilege to work with this extraordinary artist and teacher.

(Jennifer Gabriel, Mezzo-Soprano, WCC, Princeton NJ)

As an alumna of Manhattan school of Music I write to inform you of a beautiful person and phenomenal voice teacher - Ms. Gal.  Not only is Ms. Gal a beautiful person to know, an excellent advisor and counselor, a performing artist, and a wonderful friend; more than all of these things Ms. Gal is an awesome vocal technician. 

When I came to her I sang with much tension and pushing, had spread high notes and shallow breath support.  She has taught me the basic principals of breathing, how to mix the registers and sing on the breath.  She has opened up my voice and helped me to attain a beautiful round sound.  I now sing very freely. She is a problem solver when it comes to vocal stalemates.

I feel very safe and comfortable with Zehava; she is a very giving person.  Working with Zehava has uplifted my self-esteem and my confidence, which is so crucial to young people.  It is my pleasure to recommend such a phenomenal teacher.

(Maria Antoinette Freeman, Soprano, Amato, Harlem, MSM, NEC, NY)


Today I played the second movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata Opus 10 in piano performance class. I began to feel some of these nerves bubble up before I went on. Seeing S’ made me think of playing for N's lesson a few weeks ago, and of one specific concept that you told N’ about: breathing in "Yes". During the lesson, I thought this was sheer brilliance and felt its effects immediately. When I tried this practice, while sitting at the piano in performance class, I felt this action take hold of me like I had never felt before. Instantaneously, all of my nerves just bubbled away, and I was left with this pure feeling of happiness: Happiness that I was about to perform; Happiness that my nerves left; Happiness that I knew what I needed from this piece and exactly how to get it. I walked to that piano, I breathed in "Yes" one more time, and I played the best solo performance I've given yet at Westminster.

So, of course, I have to say Thank you SO MUCH! I can't thank you enough, because this technique REALLY made my fears die away. All that was left was the music. Thank you, Thank you!!!!

(Jonathan Lakeland, Pianist, WCC, Princeton NJ)


Я начала заниматься с Зехавой  совсем недавно, и могу сказать, что это очень требовательный педагог со своей железной методикой, в которой заключается техника дыхания и освобождение всех остальных мускул тела, благодаря чему, звук получается непринуждённым, естественным, свободным, обволакивающим и красивым. У Зехавы отличные уши, она примечает все ваши недостатки, а так же у неё хороший вкус звука. Её знание стилей и правильного произношения на всех европейских языках помогают в освоение различного певческого материала. Наши уроки проходят очень интенсивно и, я надеюсь, продуктивно. Юлия Петрачук.

I began working with Zehava recently and I can say that she is a very demanding pedagogue, with a firm methodology that entails a relaxed body and low abdominal breathing. As a result, the sound becomes un-stressed, full, free, and beautiful. Zehava has an exceptional ear for detecting any type of mistake in your technique, as well as having an excellent taste in sound. Her experience with different styles, correct diction, and languages helps her students in mastering various musical repertoire. Our lessons are very intensive and productive.

(Yulia Petrachuck, Bern, Switzerland. Russia)